Before downloading please make sure your PC meets the requirements:

- Recommended processor:
  Pentium 4 or similar processor; 1.4 GHz or better.
- Recommended RAM: 2048 MB or more.
- Required hard disk capacity:
  Approx. 150 MB for the ADOit:CE platform files;
  Approx. 100 MB for each new (empty) ADOit:CE database.
  - Screen resolution: Min. 1024 x 768
  - Color quality: Min. 24 bit color depth (16.7 million colors).
  - Screen size: Min. 15 inch (17 inch or larger recommended).
  Laptop/Notebook: min. 13.3 inch (14.1 inch or larger

- Supported operating systems:

  - Windows XP (Professional Edition and Home Edition)
  - Windows Vista
  - Windows 7 (32Bit and 64Bit Edition)

Also check if your Program Files folder is not compressed/encrypted and your user has installation rights.

Installation procedure

1. Download the ADOit:CE installation ZIP package

2. Extract the ZIP to e.g. C:\ADOit

3. Double click the 'setup.exe' located in the ADOit:CE download package.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
ADOit:CE and the necessary database will be installed automatically.
Sample models and users will be imported during the installation as well.

Starting ADOit:CE

To start ADOit:CE, go to Start menu>All programs>ADOit CE and click on "ADOit:CE". You will be automatically logged into ADOit:CE.


In case of errors (different than those mentioned in FAQ) please do the following:

0. If the database installed properly during first try go to the next step. If not - please install it as described HERE before you continue.

1.  Start the command line with elevated admin rights (Find in your Start menu CMD.exe and select "Run as administrator"). Windows XP users only need to start the command prompt.
2. navigate to a directory where you unpacked ADOit:CE and go to place where MSI file is (e.g. C:\ADOit\ADOit_CE_1.1\installer\setup (i.e. type or paste - adjusting path as needed "cd C:\ADOit\ADOit_CE_1.1\installer\setup" and hit Enter)
3. start the MSI installation (type "msiexec /i "ADOit CE.msi" /l*v C:\ADOit\adoxx-setup.log) and click through the installation
During the installation please select the created instance ADOITCE

If the installation was not successful please create a ticket  or send e-mail to with the following info:
* Which operating system (name, version, language, 32-bit or 64-bit) do you have?
* Did you already had database installed? If so, which version? Please attach the SQL Server installation logs. They are located in:
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log
* ADOit:CE log files from your temp directory (type %temp% in Windows Explorer and hit Enter)
They should look like this (they either start with adoxx or have it in name):


* Installation log (C:\ADOit\adoxx-setup.log)